Welcome to Endatio

Endatio specialises in Information Systems Consultancy and software development, with a focus on custom workflow solutions, network infrastructure. Maximising the benefits of information technology.

Our wide range of experience with a diverse client base ranging from some of the largest European companies to small and medium-sized businesses and in some cases individuals, has allowed us to build long-term relationships with our clients and to expand internationally and our high rate of repeat business stands as testimony to the faith we engender in our clients to provide solutions that work for them and their businesses.




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Consulting Services

Exceptional commercial experience lends itself to effective end to end project management. We bring a unique combination of IT expertise and acumen to any project.



Products & Solution

Specialist IT applications tailored to your specific requirements, including quote and buy, distribution management, background screening and sanctions screening.


Our other brands


An online Credit Check and Consumer Information search service, Specialising  in pre-employment screening services



Online and offline apps and solutions that make your business and its systems work better. Combining cutting edge technology with innovative design to deliver impressive results.



Implementation & Support

Complete hardware and software installation and support, cloud services, expert advice, complete needs assessment, and on-going support.


sanctisA comprehensive and flexible services that helps our clients verify a candidate’s background and credentials

How we can help

Even where we have not been engaged to develop specific software, we offer clients a comprehensive consultancy service to ensure that their projects deliver the required results, our detailed information gathering and specification will ensure that costs are kept within specified budgets and delivered on time and we are able to manage the process from early stages to completion and delivery.

Companies in industries as diverse as insurance, banking, procurement, logistics, property management, referencing and sanctions checking use Endatio’s software. They use our support services to simplify existing working methods and to provide solutions to increase efficiency and profitability. This allows them to be more responsive to the needs of their customers and in turn secure competitive advantage.

RISQ Software

  • RISQ Screening

    Designed for HR professionals, our system provides a fast and efficient process for the screening and approval of new recruits to your business.  It provides…

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  • RISQ Tenant

    State of the art, fully functional, integrated tenant referencing and assessment platform. Our referencing system delivers a multi-level customer account structure, integrated invoicing with bespoke…

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  • Insurance RISQ

    A complete end to end quote and buy insurance platform.  We tailor the system to accommodate your specific insurance products, underwriting and rating rules.  In…

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  • RISQ Credit

    Whether it be for regulatory requirements or as part of your corporate risk management programme, it is becoming more and more common for organisations to…

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