About us

About our company

In 2005, having identified the need for businesses of all sizes to improve the efficiency of their network infrastructures, Endatio set about achieving this, having done so it quickly expanded its portfolio of services to include custom workflow software for companies needing to automate their business processes to enable them to achieve the maximum benefit from their IT and software investment.

Endatio is now in a position where we are the partner of choice for companies seeking innovative, reliable IT and software solutions; Solutions that work as they are designed to do, working for you rather than forcing you to be limited by what is deemed, by those who do not possess our skills and understanding, to be available. We design the systems to work your way, not the other way round.

We manage the whole process for you from designing the system to full implementation and if necessary we will liaise with your suppliers and providers on your behalf to achieve the desired results.

By providing simple functional no-nonsense IT solutions over 91% of our customers have come back to us to support their projects, our ever-growing client base has been generated through word of mouth recommendation and we have been able to satisfy the demands of large corporate clients as well as small and medium-sized businesses. 

Our approach

Our approach to our work is based upon the belief that our clients’ business and people come first. Our customer centric ethos and high level of technical expertise has ensured that Endatio enjoys enduring client relationships with over 90% of our customers coming back to us time and time again with new projects.

Our technical expertise is customer-oriented and market-driven, and by continuously acquiring, building and maintaining in-depth expertise in technologies at the cutting edge of the science, we are able to offer products and services that have real impact in terms of inter-operability, functionality, ease of use, maintenance, flexibility and cost.

Our international set-up with offices in the UK, Cyprus and India allows us to remain competitive and to provide real value to our customers which others find difficult to match.

Call or email us now to tell us what you need and we will show you how it can be achieved.

The Management Team

Who we are


Our success has been achieved as a direct result of the skills and commitment of our management team.


We share a commitment to client service with an entrepreneurial spirit to ensure we can offer our clients a comprehensive service by understanding their business.


Our record of client satisfaction and repeat business speaks for itself, and we are fully committed to further enhancing this reputation.

Job opportunities

Endatio seeks to recruit professionals of the highest calibre, our record of client satisfaction is based upon this policy and a commitment to enhancing the existing skills of our employees through ongoing professional development.

  • System Developer
  • Network Engineer
  • Project Manager
  • Quality Control Analyst

Please contact us regarding available opportunities within the Endatio Group, which consists of the following companies: Endatio UK, Endatio International, Credit Informer, Santis and Sinosuez.

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