Application Programming Interface (API)

An application programming interface is a set of programming instructions and standards for accessing a web based software application.  It is a software to software interface and therefor is seamless to the user.  We have a number of developed API’s which provide your business with real-time access to essential services:

  • Credit Checks
  • Sanctions Checks
  • Credit and Debit Card Collections
  • Credit Financing
  • Postcode and Address Finder
  • Bank Account Verification

One or a number of these web services will greatly improve the quality and efficiency of your operating platform, whether it is used as part of your employee screening or “Know Your Customer” requirements, automating these processes will dramatically improve your operating efficiency.
Our API’s have been developed in conjunction with the web service providers themselves, such as Call Credit and Premium Credit and they are tried and tested.  We are able to integrate into your existing platforms and the end result is first class functionality all effected in real time.  From your desktop you can access data and return results in milliseconds. 
If your business is one subject to money laundering legislation, it is essential that you have an efficient and effective method to check your clients and customers against the published Sanctions list.  It is equally as important to have a clear audit trail of that check and the returned results.  Our API is perfect for this purpose and particularly where an organisation deals with a high volume of transactions.
For more information about how we can improve your access to these services please get in touch.

System Support & Platform

Our solid help desk & support platform enables organizations of all sizes to deliver more effective customer support, while providing comfort and flexibility to your customers and letting your support team perform at its best.

Key features of our support platform are:

Administration Panel

Usually designed for head of support, which could be one or more individuals receiving tickets and assigning them to the corresponding support agents. This panel enables the managing part of support to have a clear outlook of what is happening and lets them keep track of every single ticket.

Support Agent Panel

Individual support agents receive different tasks as tickets and deal with each separately. Each ticket includes description of problem, contact details of the user with problem, direct messaging section, ability to upload files, and update ticket status. Support Agents also benefit from a separate internal messaging system designed only for the internal communication of the support team.

Client Database

A place where all information about companies which you offer support to is stored. Ability to upload important documentation for each client and update detailed information.

Client Portal

This section features a secure online portal for clients which enables them to submit their support requests. Clients can always see the status of their open tickets and view their previously closed tickets in case they need to know a fix for a similar problem.

Clients are in direct contact with support agents through the embedded client messaging for each ticket. They can also upload new files and submit new requests, as well as close the ticket in case they feel issue is resolved.

Automated email based notification system

Our support platform is designed in a way that creates awareness for everyone who is involved in support. Every time there is an update on a ticket it keeps all sides notified by automatically generated emails, making sure everyone is aware of latest updates.

Billing & Reports

This section of the platform is dedicated for producing invoices and detailed breakdown reports for each client. Administrator can also keep track of support agent's performance and general useful data about status of all tickets submitted.

Application Programming Interface
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Tenant Referencing
System Support Platform

Endatio's technical expertise coupled with their in-depth understanding of our business and the reliability of their support makes them unmatched in their field.
Steve Jones,
Managing Director,
Maras Group Ltd.