Infrastructure Architecture

Infrastructure Architecture

Endatio Consulting Services deliver the in-depth expertise, knowledge, resources and capabilities that are needed to evaluate, guide, build and manage an agile, flexible IT environment, capable of supporting the modern business.

The modern business environment calls for a business that is agile with the ability to quickly adopt and respond to marketplace changes. More than ever, businesses rely on their IT Infrastructure to enable them to improve their agility, differentiate themselves from the competition, improve their capabilities and increase the automation of their processes.

The technology that supports the business needs to be able to flex and efficiently respond to varying business requirements. It is more than often the case however, that the very IT Infrastructure that supports the business, becomes the limiting factor in its growth.


Core IT Infrastructure Consulting

Starting with the evaluation of the current environment and using the prescribed by the architecture target state, this solution offering will develop and deliver an in-depth analysis and design of the target state as well as the required migration and fallback plans.

Following this, our services will also perform the end-to-end migration of your current environment

IT Virtualization and Cloud

Operating within the modern business environment, today's IT organizations are faced more than ever with the requirement to maximize the utilization of existing infrastructure and at the same time be flexible enough to adapt to the constantly moving business landscape.

With its considerable experience in virtualization and cloud services, in IaaS, PaaS and IaaS alike, Endatio Consulting Services are in a unique position to provide the strategy, training and support to guide your organization to its optimal position in the cloud environment.

Integration Services

Today's business requires end-to-end solutions that cater to the needs of the business, as opposed to isolated technologies.

Endatio Consulting Services, utilizing the synergies created through the combination of in-house expertise in multiple infrastructure technologies and well established partnerships coupled with the capabilities and experience of over 15 years is Endatio's Software Division, have the ability to create innovative solutions that place Endatio amongst the leaders in system Integration.


Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery Planning

With IS playing an increasingly important role in the modern business, enabling key capabilities, even the smallest amount of downtime cannot be tolerated. Loss of productivity, opportunity loss and direct impact on revenue are but a few of the adverse effects of IS outages, that can have a long-lasting impact on the reputation of a business.

Out specialized services can offer your business peace of mind by helping you plan for business continuity as well as disaster recovery.


End User Computing Services

The vast majority of business functions are directly linked with end-user computing, business operational efficiency cannot be a reality unless the end-user computing environment is optimized.

Some of the challenges faced today are: Uniformity in the computing environment Managing complexity Adhering to security. A principles Managing support Building enterprise-specific systems Endatio offers services that will allow your business to transform your end-user computing landscape into the unified, centrally managed, secure, enterprise-ready environment your organization deserves.

Infrastructure Optimization

Infrastructure Optimization is about understanding and moving towards a more secure, well managed, and dynamic core IT infrastructure.

This will allow the business to reduce overall IT costs, improve the utilization of IT resources and make IT a strategic asset. This process focuses in the following areas: - Server Infrastructure - Storage Infrastructure - Desktop Infrastructure