Project Management

Project Management

Too often attention is so concentrated on the scope of, cost of or timetable for a project that the organisation loses sight of the value the project must deliver for the business.

We are able to provide specialist, experienced project resource when you need it.

We believe our role is to enhance your in-house team and offer dedicated technical expertise; Expertise that night otherwise be outside the core competencies of your existing workforce.

We look to foster long term relationships with our clients and therefore consider it part of our role when supplying project resource to transfer skills during that process.  This may be, by way of mentoring, training, coaching or indirect learning.

We want to add value to your business and  increase the level of expertise within your team over time.

By engaging our project management resource you are ensuring that:

The project will remain focused on the business goals

  1. Resources will be efficiently managed
  2. The scope of the project will be suitably managed; and
  3. You will have a robust risk management process
  4. You will have a robust risk management process

Using our skilled lead technologists will keep your programme on track. In order to be effective in the delivery of resource we ensure that we create and maintain a strong connection with you and that we get to know your business, its culture and its processes.