Implementation & Support Services

Implementation & Support Services

Infrastructure Technologies are constantly changing, at Endatio we understand that the pace of these changes are often difficult to keep up with.

We ensure that our people are subject to a rigorous training schedule to make sure that they have the skills and up to date expertise to support your business and offer current solutions and advice, thus keeping you ahead of the technology curve.

Implementation and support services are key part of our core offering. Once systems have been deployed and tested making sure that they are monitored and supported correctly is critical to business continuity.  

Our Services can provide complete end to end solution for your business.

Analysis & Planning

Commissioning a new IT system or deciding to invest in a new platform, can be a daunting process.

New technologies, new programming methods, knowing which is right for your business and where to start is often a challenging process. What platform is right for your business? How do you ensure that what you build is fit for purpose, now and for the foreseeable future? 

Installation & Configuration

Once the correct architecture and systems have been identified and specified it is essential that the process for installation and configuration is managed.

Working with you, we will ensure that the system and applications are working to their specifications. We will ensure that the system interacts as planned with other elements of your operating platform.

Support & Management

Your systems are critical for maintaining maximum productivity.

Your systems are critical for maintaining maximum productivity. Our Support services reduce downtime, thus avoiding loss of business or customer confidence.

Virtualization & Cloud Services

Virtualization is an emerging function that separates computing functions and technology implementation from physical hardware.

We provide a number of services to help business move to the cloud, these include moving your mail system or databases.