Business Solutions

Business Solutions

Endatio’s expert teams are used to putting ourselves in your shoes and using our considerable knowledge and experience to create innovative and intuitive solutions to streamline your workflow processes.

We have a track record of ‘on time and within budget’ delivery and a policy of open communication and transparency with our clients, which makes Endatio the obvious choice for a development partner.

Endatio has solid experience in projects of different complexity and scope –our clients include small, large, local, national and multinational companies across a wide range of industries –such as healthcare, finance, insurance, pharmaceutical, travel, and retail.


Our Business Solutions

Custom Development

We develop and build highly complex, integrated solutions which are not necessarily limited to a single platform or operating system. These systems range from ERP, E-Commerce, CRM applications to bespoke business systems to manage the complete business cycle.

We start by gathering information to better understand your business needs and goals and our extensive skills in PHP, .Net. JavaScript and SQL technologies combined with our innate business competence will ensure you have the product you need to improve the way you do business, now and in the future.

 Custom Workflow Software

Endatio have many years’ experience in developing and implementing software and application solutions to simplify existing working methods and so help to make your company more responsive to the needs of you customers.

Our custom Workflow software can be applied to all or simply to various parts of the business process lifecycle. Whether you have one or one thousand processes to automate and whether you have ten or ten thousand users to manage we can help you to seamlessly integrate technology, information and human resources to improve your company’s overall operational efficiency.

Application Migration and Re-engineering

We are often faced with having to deal with vitally important legacy applications which incorporate critical business processes or company policies. There are instances where these outdated applications can be stumbling blocks in an enterprise-wide IT architecture and are likely to present ongoing challenges in relation to their service and maintenance, support costs can be unnecessarily high due to the lack of availability of experienced resources and difficulty in adapting to changing business and regulatory environments.

Endatio’s Application Migration and Re-engineering solutions are designed to help organisations of all sizes overcome these problems and free up the value of these applications. The return on investment for a migration project is realised by achieving enhanced business support, greater ability to integrate applications seamlessly and reduced licensing and maintenance costs.

Why Endatio

Highest quality standards maintained at every stage of the development process.
Post-implementation user training, support and maintenance to ensure that today’s solution adapts to changes in technology and user needs.