Nikos started his career as a systems engineer in mid-range and mainframe systems. Throughout a career spanning over 24 years, he has gained in-depth experience in a multitude of IT disciplines including IT strategy, IT architecture, IT management, project management, technology deployment and operations, people management, resource management and hardware engineering.

His career includes postings in some of the world’s largest IT organizations, including more than eight years in Microsoft as a consultant, senior consultant and later on as an Enterprise Strategy Consultant – ITAP Advisor.

Experienced in communicating at the CxO level and internally driven to support service excellence, service innovation, operational efficiency and quality and with a very strong consulting and architecture background, he has a unique understanding of the business as well as related requirements, initiatives and pain-areas. This allows him to devise innovative solutions to complex situations and generate architectures that effectively satisfy existing and forecasted requirements.

In 2013 Nikos was approached by Endatio’s Consulting Services. Initially joining as a Senior Solutions Architect his main focus was translating business requirements and initiatives to IT requirements and based on that, architecting IT solutions that would assist the business meet its targets. Moving forward, Nikos was appointed Technical Director of Endatio. In this capacity, Nikos is leading the world-wide delivery of technical, development, consulting and support services, ranging from IS Strategy and Advisory services, Infrastructure and Solutions Architecture up to development, deployment, final customer delivery and all related support services.