Victoria began her career as a lawyer practising in Kingston, Surrey, specialising in commercial litigation and property law. Victoria joined HomeLet, the leading tenant referencing and let property insurance intermediary in 2000 as Legal Director. She held legal, compliance and change management positions before being appointed Managing Director of Letsure upon its acquisition into the HomeLet group.

In 2008 Victoria was approached by Cullum Capital Ventures and invited to head up the team to start a new tenant referencing and let property insurance intermediary.The result was CCV Letting Agent Solutions. Victoria then took responsibility for the strategic planning and integration of the group’s let property divisions.

In 2010, Victoria was approached by Endatio and joined the Board, her first job was creating Candidate Clear, a background screening service provider, specialising in the insurance, security and care industries. In June 2011 she was appointed Managing Director of Endatio with responsibility for its strategic development to take the business from its current reality to its desired destination.